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401(k) Process

Custom Designs, Personalized Service

As a business owner or a retirement plan administrator, you know how important it is to provide employees with the right tools to invest responsibly in their future. It affects your ability to attract and retain the best employees, and it is vital to their long-term financial security. Selecting the right retirement plan solution is also essential for the business owner as an individual, as it will affect his or her family’s future as well.

Coordination of Services

Fiduciary Conduct

CFS guides you through the Fiduciary Excellence checklist. This assesses your current level of fiduciary compliance and assists in resolving any non-conformance.

Participation Education/Retirement Readiness

CFS surveys your employees to determine the level of their financial knowledge and then delivers a customized, ongoing education program to further enhance their financial future.

Investment Philosophy

We help to reconcile the many conflicting points of view in managing your retirement assets and assist the trustees in developing a clear and concise investment menu for your employees.

Investment Policy Statement

The IPS is a formal, written document that governs your investment management process. CFS will create a customized IPS and provide ongoing monitoring to remain compliant with federal regulations.

Money Manager Database

Utilizing a large independent database that continuously monitors thousands of investments, we selectively craft a custom list of appropriate investment choices tailored to your participant's needs.

Performance Monitoring

Quarterly, we prepare a written Fiduciary Investment Review for the trustees that measures both the quantitative and qualitative performance results established in your IPS.

Our Retirement Planning Division offers you a state-of-the-art, customized, full-service program designed to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities and provide an appropriate number of diverse investment options for plan participants.

After designing and setting up your Investment Policy Statement and your retirement plan, we help you:

  • Monitor your investment managers.
  • Conduct on-site education meetings for employees.
  • Guide your employees in choosing the appropriate investment options for them.
  • Answer employees’ questions at any time.
We adhere to the highest standards of fiduciary excellence in accordance with SAFE, the self-assessment of fiduciary excellence for investment stewards.

Third Party Administrator / Record-keeper

The TPA is responsible for designing your retirement plan as well as providing IRS compliance.


The independent custodian provides safekeeping of retirement assets, collects your ongoing payroll deposits, and coordinates electronic notification to your record-keeper.

401(k) Success Paradigm

A Robust Investment Selection

We evaluate and monitor thousands of mutual funds to select the most appropriate combination of investments based on your employees' needs.

High Participation

High participation levels allow owners and key employees to maximize their benefits under current tax law.

High Deferral Percentages

Through our customized education programs, we inform participants about the necessity of planning for their future.

Low Total Cost

Many employers are unaware of the true total costs of their retirement plan. We examine and highlight many cost saving opportunities.

Fiduciary Compliance

As Advisors to many retirement plans, we have found that most plans are out of compliance. As a business owner or trustee you are individually and personally liable for any known or unknown acts of non compliance. As Accredited Investment Fiduciaries®, we assist you in fulfilling and sustaining your compliance requirements.

IRS Compliance

Your Third Party Administrator or Record-keeper is responsible for IRS compliance which is distinctly different from Fiduciary Compliance. As your Advisor, we assist in identifying experts in this area.

Target Date Funds

Operational Efficiencies

Your time and attention is best spent on managing your business. CFS has over 25 years of proven success in simplifying the costly and burdensome operational processes of retirement plans.