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Private Wealth Management

Common Financial Sense

How do you make your money grow and last for decades when the price of almost everything you buy increases?

What makes you believe that the investment strategies that didn't work before are going to start working for you now?

What is Common Financial Sense?

Knowing What You Want Matters – You need to know what you are investing your money for. You must establish targets; the targets determine your investment strategy.

Risk Matters – Limiting your losses is a key to wealth accumulation. Consistency of returns builds greater wealth over time and reduces the number of “sleepless nights.”

How You Invest Matters – Sometimes index managers outperform active managers and sometimes active managers outperform index managers. You may want to own both, as well as alternative managers and tactical managers. There is no perfect investment for all seasons.

Expenses Matter – Fees that you save over time can compound into significant wealth. You have overt costs, covert costs, and lost opportunity costs.

Taxes Matter – The more tax efficient you are, the less lost opportunity cost you have on income taxes.